Product List

TrueVoice make use of an external digital unit that attaches to your PBX. The unit is especially designed for repeated playing. Our packages are designed to ensure that advertising or simply informing your customer is affordable for company's of any size. We allow free product changes so that you can keep your customers up to date with products and information at all times.
The Auto Attendant politely answers incoming calls, guides callers to dial extensions and even prompts to leave messages. It also offers the caller the alternative of being connected to an operator. This means that all incoming calls are answered and transferred to the required extension during peak telephoning times or during pre-defined periods such as after hours.
The after hours unit is an external digital unit that attaches to your PBX. This unit is able to give information to a customer that phones your company while you are closed. The AHU does not take messages, it will give only the information your ccustomer needs to know.
TrueVoice Communications provides you with professional South African voice prompts recorded for your Asterisk and Auto Attendant systems. Download free prompts or let True Voice Communications record professional customized prompts in the same voice or a voice of your choice.
TrueVoice Communications carries a complete line of digital announcement systems. Our digital systems are fully compatible with all PBX telephone systems that are able to activate external music on hold, auto attendants and after hours. Digital announcement systems are designed to provide your business with superior audio quality and long term reliability. Your messages on hold production will be downloaded in our studio and delivered to you by a True Voice Communications representative.