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Messaging "On Hold"- Silver R 397 per branch/monthly payment- 2 production/per/year

Advertising & Messaging during transfer & on hold - 

Improve your brand image: You spend time and money getting customers to call your company. Your receptionist may be professional, but what happens next..?

Instead of presenting your customers with plinky plonky music or beeps, or EVEN worse… silence! Use your ON HOLD time, as an opportunity to brand and promote what you do. There’s a lot to talk about and it does not always require a hard sell.

On hold is a reality in every company, utilize that time effectively. A fantastic way to promote your social media and your website, upcoming events, increase sales and inform customers about things they don’t know about your company and services. Promote your products and save time by providing useful information and answering FAQ. All this while a customer is on hold.

We believe in simplicity! Unlike some providers, we do not hold you long-term contract. We want our customers to experience the advantage of a “pay as you go” system, with the added advantage of refreshing your ON HOLD marketing.

You sit back and relax, we have you covered. We learn more about your company by going to your web site and write a professional script, you choose a voice from our voice bank and a song from our music options. Your final production will be delivered on a MUSIC ON HOLD device or a WAV/ MP3 file ready to be loaded.

You could spend thousands on marketing and printing and yet neglecting the most important method of advertising, YOUR TELLEPHONE!!….for as little as R13 per day!!

How it works!

1 Productions free per year.

Productions consist of 7 messages and 2 songs.

No contract, 30 days notice is required for cancellation of our product.

Messaging & Music ‘On Hold’ is defined as public broadcasting and royalty fees for music and voices are payable, these fees are paid on your behalf by TrueVoice.

TrueVoice attaches an external 18-minute digital unit to your PBX, which plays your recording repeatedly 24/7.

Asterisk based PBX systems receive the 1800 voice prompts in a South African accent.

Welcome and After Hours messages if required.

Script is written by TrueVoice.

Unlimited Remote support.

Service & quality calls are carried out on a regular basis.

Packages remain the same even if our equipment is not used. (e.g VOIP system)

Productions may not be used in any form after cancellation is received.

Equipment remains the property of TrueVoice

TrueVoice Communications will not be liable to re-record previous recordings should your voice artist no longer do voice recordings for TrueVoice Communications.

R890.00 - cost if error is made by customer, no cost if error is made by TrueVoice.

Subscription based supply with unlimited  equipment if required, remote support, music royalty included. 2 Production changes per year. Unlimited support of equipment. Service calls and remote support free.  Application to be complete and sent to us to guarantee supply.

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